About Us

Magellan Wind was founded in late 2013 by Jim Lanard and Jeff Kehne, who bring a total of more than 16 years of offshore wind experience to the company. Magellan Wind’s mission is to develop offshore wind farms in U.S. waters. Our approach to offshore wind development draws on lessons learned from Europe’s 25-year history with offshore wind and more than a decade of work by U.S. offshore wind developers.

Central features of Magellan Wind’s approach include:

  • A focus on markets where offshore wind can be built at scale. One-off projects, even if built at utility scale, cannot drive supply chain growth at the level needed to secure support from state policy makers and lower unit costs. On the other hand, multiple projects, developed under a single state policy framework, offer a solid value proposition both to state policy makers and to development-stage investors.
  • Partnerships with experienced engineering and technology firms beginning early in the development process. Risks associated with the engineering, construction and operation of a utility-scale offshore wind project are an important driver of project costs. These risks can be managed most efficiently if engineering and technology partners are fully engaged early in the process. Early partnership with best-in-class engineering and technology firms will allow Magellan Wind to streamline the leasing and permitting process, lower project costs and reduce risks to investors.